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Thursday’s Children: Bonsai Dreams


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Genie the Bonsai Tree

Meet Genie, my Bonsai tree. To quote the Hobbits from those ringed lord books and movies, I share a love for all things that grow. I don’t keep a garden. I have only two plants. One of which is Genie. Yes it’s a she, yes she has a name, and yes I somehow managed not to kill her.

A year ago I  moved into my new place and thought some plant life would liven up my apartment. Watching her grow is a pleasure and a delight. Every day she doesn’t die I figure I’m doing something right. Besides conjuring memories from the Karate Kid I’ve always thought these special trees bring a certain feeling of tranquility and zen to an environment. A tiny tree growing in the palm of your hand. How magical! Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a plant you tree loving hippy. And to you I say, well yeah, duh.


Growing Strong

I love being reminded that with enough love and tenderness a beautiful thing can grow. I’m pretty sure this somehow relates to writing but I’ll spare you the obvious.  Genie may not talk, meow, hug, move, or do anything else but I know she’s happy I haven’t killed her. And that makes me happy in return.

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7 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children: Bonsai Dreams

  1. First, so glad you’re “back” this week 🙂 Second, I have a black thumb when it comes to houseplants, so I’m deeply in awe of you. Third, I always wanted to write a book with a bonsai gardener in it, there’s something a little spooky about the whole pruning it into a dwarf specimen thing. So now you can be my “source” for that too.

  2. Genie is wonderful. My brother is really into bonsai lately, and it is truly an art form. And I would say that all life is magical… it’s never “just” a tree. Great to find your blog!

    • They can be. Genie is a Juniper and takes better to being in doors. They are mostly an out door plant.

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