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Thursdays Children – Cats Play Fetch


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I was never a cat person until I got married and then the ex-wife insisted we adopt a cat. I had nothing against the feline kingdom but I didn’t love them either. When Harley pawed her way into my life everything changed. Well, not everything, but thus began my love affair with the internet’s favorite animal. I adored them. Those cute fur balls make their way into all my stories. No matter what the setting, I require at least one cat in every story. My WIP has about five cats.  (One of which has an alcohol problem.)


After a brutal custody battle (not really) I lost Harley in the divorce. Since then I’ve been dying to have one of my own. Unfortunately the land lord won’t hear of it.  Until the day I can adopt I continue to donate to animal charities and write them into my work.


Harley reading her favorite book. Cat on a hot tin roof.

Which brings me to one of my favorite stories about my once-cat Harley Quinn.

I taught her to play fetch. I turned my cat into a dog. *bows* How did I manage such a feat you ask?  I threw her mouse filled with cat nip and then I tossed a treat near it.  My Psych degree hard at work,  I got her to associate eating a treat with touching the mouse. Soon she was putting it in her mouth and then finally she brought it to me. She got a treat for the entire act and her  initial training was complete.

What happened next I never expected. *twist* I’d wake up and she’d dropped the toy mouse right on my face. She no longer wanted a treat from me, she genuinely wanted to play fetch. She’d plop the mouse next to me while I watched TV, ate dinner, or played video games. Harley wanted me to throw it. I know plenty of cats on you tube have been taught to fetch but how may of them ASK to play fetch with their owners?

I’ll always love Harley. She continues to inspire me.

Below is a cheesy little video I made years ago of my beloved Harley playing fetch.

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Thanks to Rhiann Wynn Nolet and Kristina Perez for orchestrating this affair.

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15 thoughts on “Thursdays Children – Cats Play Fetch

  1. Hahha. Adorable. I have a dog that plays with my son’s cat. They’re best friends. but must admit having to be won over by the cat. He did, but he doesn’t bring toy mice into my bed–they’re Real! Eeek! and they’re birds!

  2. Aww, cute Harley. The animal shelter where I volunteered for a while has people who come in and just socialize the cats (patting, brushing, etc). Maybe you could do that until your landlord caves? My cats trained me much better than I trained them…and although I too, have a psych degree, they did not. You might like Troy Blackford’s stories (find him on Twitter) he’s cat-obsessed. You can tell him I sent you, meow.

  3. I had a cat, Quincy, who played fetch all on his own. We used to toss him a soft Christmas ornament, a snowman’s head, and he would bring it back. Cats are the best! I’m a firm believer that they reflect the effort you put in to them in developing their personalities. Hope you can have one soon!

  4. Awesome cat fetching! I have 4 – but I’m equal opportunity as I have 4 dogs, too. :0)

  5. OMG that is so cute! Ha! …and one of the cats in your WIP has an alcohol problem? That’s priceless, I love it, sound like a good story!
    I hope your landlord relaxes & you can get a cat soon, they are kinda the best animals ever.

  6. I’m a dog person, but mostly because I don’t like litter boxes. That said, I have seven dead cats who play an important role in one of my novels and one of my published short stories is a murder mystery with a cat antagonist.

    Love the fetching. I can’t imagine being separated from my dog 😦

  7. Oh you must miss him so much. We have two little darlings who have never fetched anything – although one of them has a fascination with little pieces of paper and will pick them up in her mouth and carry them around. Won’t let us near them though.

    So glad they find a place in your writing – also loving the idea of the cat with alcohol issues (in a made up book kind of way)!

  8. I’m so sorry you lost your girl. 😦 One of our cats likes to bring us nerf darts and milk rings in the middle of the night and drop them on our faces because he wants to play. I love that cats show up in your WIP though. 🙂

  9. Beautiful. I had a cat that played fetch and she’s gone now too. I rescued her from an alley and brought her home when I was pregnant with our first son. My husband and I would each take turns tossing the mouse and she would bring it back to each of us in turn as well. She never messed up the order. It was amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  10. She’s so cute!
    We’re working on fetch now, with one of our cats. We already taught him sit. The other three aren’t interested in learning ANYTHING. haha! We have two Greyhounds that play dead when we point and say “BANG!” Animals are the best!

  11. I moved to Paris with my cat Lady––who I’d just inherited from my grandmother upon her death––when I was 17. It was just me and Lady against the world. Or at least the Frenchmen. She was much better behaved than I. Thanks for joining Thursday’s Children!

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