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How ADD helps me write. Part 1


**DISCLAIMER: I am not clinically diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Thanks to the internet, cell phones, video games, television, tablets,  and computers our attention has never before been so divided. I  barely get through a film without checking my phone, facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, or word press. I am barraged by information all the time, every day, and even in my dreams. (Futurama reference.) I believe we all have some form of ADHD or ADD. Mostly mild. My case is a little more than mild. I have difficulty concentrating. Yes,  the guy who finishes entire novels admits he can’t focus on jack shit anymore.

Truth be told I can focus. It  requires great effort  and concentration on my part. I write in short bursts, plan out my goals, and write one chapter a week. This is how I finish novels. If I wasn’t so distracted I could probably crank out a novel every two months. (or if I didn’t have my day job,) On average a novel takes me 10-12 months . (Keep in mind that’s not how I started. I trained myself.)

ADD2So how in the hell does ADD help me write you ask? Easy. I get bored easily. Real easily. In fact I’m already bored with this post and I’m not done writing it. I kid. But seriously I get bored faster than Lindsey Lohan at an AA meeting. If I start reading a book and it’s cliche, unoriginal, and predictable I lose interest immediately.So when I write I’m constantly aware of how interested or bored I am. If I’m bored then something is missing. Usually conflict, humor, character drama,  action, or whatever the scene needs.

My hope is: if I’m not bored the reader won’t be either. I have no patience for tired ideas. I need to be slapped with NEW and FRESH. SLAP ME!

So in conclusion I slap myself when I write. This is why I’m drawn to high concept forms of art and why my own work always come with one of those nifty one sentence hooks people love so much.

Anyone got any Ritalin?

Coming soon: Part 2: How ADD hinders my writing.


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